Elevate Your Cooking with the Best Cast Iron Skillet

The 5 Best Cast Iron Skillet in 2023

What are the benefits of using A cast iron skillet?

A cast iron skillet are an affordable kitchen workhorse that lasts, and many cooks have owned their cast iron skillets for years. James Beard Award-winning Southern cookbook author and chef Virginia Willis inherited her grandmother’s skillet, which she estimates is 100 years old. “When I moved from New York and drove the car down, I put the jewelry, the irreplaceable art, and the cast iron skillet in my car.”

Chef Willis is certainly not alone in her love of cast iron cookware. We love cast iron so much that we wrote a complete guide to owning it and have plenty of cast iron skillet recipes you may want to try. To find the best cast iron skillets, we have found the best cast iron skillets by observing their heat conduction, retention, and distribution. Read on for our top-rated picks, plus a few helpful insights on cast iron cleaning and care. 

Best Cast Iron Skillet

Best overall Iron Skillet:

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge’s Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet continues to be our benchmark for cast iron pans. This skillet provided the most even browning across the board, and was easy to turn out during our tests thanks to the included silicone handle. The Lodge is also very easy to clean, and any debris left inside the pan wiped away easily with warm water.

Neither pork nor cornbread got stuck in the Lodge, and we’re always pleased with its consistent heat distribution. The price point makes this skillet affordable for most households and a great housewarming gift for anyone starting their culinary journey.

Best value Cast Iron Skillet:

Camp Chef 10” Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Testers found Camp Chef’s 10-inch Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet to be as comfortable to hold as a well-worn novel, thanks to its smart handle design. However, the helper handle was a bit on the petite side, it didn’t hurt our cooking style. 

We found this skillet to be the kitchen champion. It was the easiest to use of everyone skillet. Similarly its performance, price, and heating were second to none. Even though it was the most budget-friendly cast iron skillet on our list, it provided even heating, from center to edge, adds to its already sturdy appeal. It’s a skillet that truly sizzles!

Cast Iron Skillets
Best Cast Iron Pan

Best Enameled Cast Iron Skillet:

Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast Iron Skillet

Le Creuset, renowned for its top-tier enameled cast iron Dutch ovens, has brought the same level of excellence to this skillet. Not only does it have a black enameled interior that’s resistant to staining, it’s dishwasher-safe and doesn’t require any specific seasoning rituals. Even highly acidic foods won’t stain its shine. This pan’s helper handle makes it a breeze to carry and empty, despite its considerable size and weight. 

Meanwhile the heat distribution was even, resulting in a perfect seared steak with minimal smoke and  no elbow grease during cleanup. However, the skillet’s shallow depth did lead to a bit more oil splatter. We found that when cooking eggs, only a smidge of whites clung to the pan. Furthermore, it’s available in a range of colors, compared to the usual sea of black and gray. Despite the higher price tag, the exceptional quality and durability of this skillet make it well worth the investment.

Most Versatile Cast Iron Skillet:

Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

Contrast to regular skillets, this multi-purpose griddle is a kitchen workhorse. One side is smooth for flipping flapjacks, while the other has clean ribs that add perfect sear marks to your steaks. Additionally it is sized at 20 x 10.5 inches, and it’s big enough to serve a family (it spans two stovetop burners), however it is slim enough to slip into your storage with ease. Therefore it’s as efficient as two pans, packed into one. However, we must acknowledge its heft; this pan carries some weight.

True to cast iron form, this grill/griddle combo needs a bit of patience to reach its optimal temperature, but once it gets there, it holds onto the heat like a champ. Cook everything from succulent steaks to crusty bread with ease. Plus, it covers two burners, giving us the ability to establish two distinct heat zones: searing over high heat on one side while maintaining a more moderate temperature on the other. With an attractive price point and a preseasoned surface, it makes both cooking and cleanup simple. Thanks to its sheer versatility, this pan secured a nearly perfect rating and a permanent place in our dream kitchen.

Best Cast Iron Griddle
Best Grill Pan

Best Cast Iron Grill Pan:

Cuisinart Chef's Classic 9.25-Inch Square Grill Pan

This 9.25-inch square grill pan, though not as versatile as its traditional cast iron siblings (pancakes? No thanks!), offers a budget-friendly route to those enticing grill marks of al fresco cookouts. What sets it apart is its quality, boasting an enamel finish that eliminates the need for seasoning. What’s more, the porcelain enamel-coated interior keeps your culinary creations free from unwanted odours and flavours.

Now, we must admit this pan’s substantial size demands a bit of patience in the heating department. However, once it gets going, you can trust it to distribute heat evenly and maintain that sizzle for quite a while. There’s a catch, though: the handle can get a tad too hot to handle comfortably, and its shiny finish makes it somewhat slippery. Achieving the perfect grill marks may require some practice, but once you get the hang of it, your meats and veggies will look nothing short of picture-perfect.

Here’s a delightful surprise: this cast iron pan is dishwasher-safe. While it may need a bit more TLC than its nonstick counterparts, the fantastic, even results it delivers make it all worth the while. With proper care, this grill pan may very well grace your kitchen for a lifetime.
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