Were Just a group of peeps that like to review stuff.

Welcome to TopBuys.ca — your trusted review site in the world of online shopping. In an age where the options are limitless but transparency is often amiss, we take the gamble out of your online purchases. Our dedicated team buys, tests, and reviews products to ensure you don’t get shortchanged. With every click, scroll, and read, you’ll gain insight into genuine products worthy of your hard-earned money. Here at TopBuys.ca, we’re not just about recommending the best buys — we’re about safeguarding your shopping experience. Dive in and shop with confidence!

How this started.

Before TopBuys.ca became the guardian of online shoppers, it was the brainchild of Jennifer and Perry, two passionate Canadian consumers who were frustrated with their own online shopping misadventures. After receiving one too many subpar products, from electronics that malfunctioned within weeks to clothing that looked nothing like the online photos, they felt the pang of every disappointed shopper: the betrayal of wasted money and time.

Their frustrations turned into late-night conversations, which gradually evolved into an idea: what if there was a platform dedicated to ensuring no other Canadian faced the same disillusionment they did? With a shared vision, Jennifer, with her knack for meticulous research, and Perry, a tech-savvy enthusiast, began buying and reviewing products from popular online sites. They started with categories they were most familiar with, uploading their findings on a simple blog.

Word of their genuine, unsponsored reviews spread like wildfire. What began as a modest blog quickly escalated into a full-blown website with a team of dedicated reviewers. 

Jennifer and Perry’s commitment was always clear: to create a platform that prioritized the shopper’s experience over everything else. Their journey from two disgruntled consumers to the founders of TopBuys.ca is a testament to the power of turning adversity into advocacy. Today, TopBuys.ca stands as a beacon of trust, guiding Canadians to make informed decisions in the ever-expanding world of online shopping.

Diversity Matters:

"Just like Canadian currency, we come in different ages and colours."

“At TopBuys.ca, our strength lies in our diversity. Our team of reviewers spans the spectrum, from tech-savvy Gen Z and innovative Millennials to the experienced perspectives of Gen X and Boomers. Whether you’re a busy parent seeking reliable products for your family or a retiree exploring the latest gadgets, our reviews resonate with every generation. Dive into a world where every voice counts, and every review reflects the rich tapestry of our communities. With TopBuys.ca, experience the true pulse of diverse consumer insights!”

We care.

“At TopBuys.ca, we know how hard the large majority of Canadians work for their earnings. We want to help those on fixed incomes, or living pay-cheque to pay-cheque. It is our priority to help Canadians buy goods and services that add value. “